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NEW Construction Buyers

What You Can Expect:

  • A strong advocate for your needs and interests in building a new home.  We represent you and not the builder throughout the process. 
  • Money at closing from our commission to help with your closing costs.  We've given away tens of thousands of dollars to our buyers - and our buyers return the favor when they recommend us to their friends and family. 
  • Experienced help in creating your dream home, as well as your best investment. We advise and advocate for you on:

  1. Contract terms
  2. Lot selection
  3. Structural design
  4.  Design center options - and their future desirability if you decide to sell 
  5. The process and timeline of building your new home
  6. Normal - and sometimes abnormal - requests and expectations from both sides
  7. Minor disputes with the builder, if any arise, and their resolution
  8.  Any other issues that affect your satisfaction with your new home

  • We attend every meeting with you before and during construction. 
  • We monitor progress on your new home on a regular basis, making scheduled site visits and documenting items as needed
  • Expect all other services normally afforded to our buyers, including acting as a liaison with your closing attorney, lender, inspectors & other vendors throughout the process
  • An advocate during inspections and walkthroughs of your new home, both during construction and beyond.
  • We attend closing with you and continue to advocate on your behalf throughout the warranty period on your new home and beyond.